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SEO Specialist in the Philippines


A bit about me

Originally from Caloocan City, I spent my early years there before my family relocated to Cavite, where I completed my elementary and high school education. Despite my interest for Computer Science and Information Technology, my parents encouraged me to pursue a pre-medicine course, leading me to enroll in Biology at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas. However, after facing personal challenges and a lack of interest, I didn’t complete the program.

Subsequently, my family and I moved to Tacloban City, where I briefly explored the possibility of finishing my Bachelor’s degree. However, I soon realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. After taking a break from academics, I found myself at a crossroads in 2004 and moved back to Manila, where I worked as a call center agent. However, I grew disillusioned with the BPO industry and sought a more fulfilling career path.

In 2009, during a period of financial struggle and personal uncertainty, I stumbled upon a book about search engine optimization at a garage sale. Intrigued by the concept and fueled by curiosity, I purchased the book with the little money I had. This serendipitous encounter marked the start of my unconventional career path into the world of SEO and digital marketing.

As I delved deeper into SEO, I became captivated by its potential. Immersing myself in online resources, I diligently studied search engine workings, optimization techniques, and the latest best practices. However, despite my efforts, I faced a significant challenge: the lack of real-world experience.

Equipped with purely theoretical knowledge, it left me feeling plagued by impostor syndrome. There were moments when I contemplated quitting, feeling overwhelmed by the industry’s demands. Yet, with grit and determination, I persevered. Through online courses, blogs, websites, YouTube tutorials, books, webinars, workshops, SEO forums, podcasts, networking, and industry events, I began to see the fruits of my labor. Instead of giving up, I found my way back, armed with valuable lessons learned from my mistakes.

Through trial and error, I developed custom strategies for clients, overcoming challenges with determination. Over time, my expertise attracted attention, leading me to handle complex projects and earn the trust of high-profile clients. As word of my success spread, I finally became an accepted member of the Philippine SEO community.

From now on, I focus on supporting small to medium-sized businesses, startups, or entrepreneurs aiming to enhance their online visibility. My services cater to clients valuing personalized attention, innovative strategies, and measurable outcomes, making me an ideal freelance SEO specialist for their needs.

In 2024, I decided to once again pursue my academic goals and finally complete my education. I enrolled at Nexford University.

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